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POET, Writer, Artist & Spiritual Teacher

For Nicole Justine Reid, the creative process is a spiritual experience, a way to discover a deeper understanding of who she is and her place in the Universe. Through her writing, creations, and teachings, she inspires other sensitive, creative souls to embrace all aspects of their being, encouraging them to become channels for what is desiring to come through. She believes that it is in the merging of our divine selves with our human selves in surrendering to the creative process that we most connect to who we truly are and set ourselves free.

Her podcast, Divinely Unscripted with Nicole Justine Reid explores the human-divine experience, Energy, creativity, soul-development, and more.

Listen to my


Listen to my podcast, Divinely Unscripted with Nicole Justine Reid, available on Spotify!

This podcast explores the human-divine experience, Energy, creativity, soul-development, and more. 

In each episode, I choose a topic that is wanting to speak and then I speak on that topic until the energy is complete. This podcast started as a way for me to work through themes and questions of my own life with The Divine/Light/Universe/Spirit guiding me in the discovery process. 

It may resonate for you if you are a sensitive, creative soul, like me.

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