Nicole Justine Reid

Nicole Justine Reid is a writer, poet, artist, teacher and observer of the human-spiritual experience. Her gift is her way of seeing and experiencing the world, and her insights spark something in others to see themselves and the world in a new, expansive and more integrated way.

Since she was a young girl, Nicole always felt she experienced the world differently. These realizations became validated later on when she became an adult through learning more about the mysterious and multidimensional world we live in.

As a spiritual creative, for over three decades, Nicole has been engaging writing as a way to heal, illuminate, explore, discover, and understand herself in her earthly existence and place in the Universe. Through her art, she delights in allowing Light to flow through her and express itself on the page, canvas and other mediums.

Experimental by nature, she flows between the various aspects of her being –  compassionate, intense, goofy, and everything in between. She feels most alive when she takes risks that are in alignment with her intuition and for her, allowing Creation to express Itself through her is the true delight of Life.

Dedicated to living from the source of her inner wisdom, she allows the Divine through and as she does, she teaches others what it means to live from the place of who they truly are – in all aspects of their being.

Nicole Justine Reid’s poetry is published in Sixfold and Carry the Light anthologies II, III, IV, and elsewhere, was shortlisted for the Bridport Prize in 2023, 2020 and 2019, selected as a finalist in the poetry category of the Tucson Festival of Books Literary Awards 2021 competition, and long-listed for the 2020 Fish Publishing Poetry Prize. She loves immersing herself in the salt of the sea and in an ocean of words.


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