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About Nicole Justine Reid

About Nicole Justine Reid

Writer, Poet, Artist, Teacher

“The creative process is one of spiritual and self discovery.”


Nicole Justine Reid

Nicole is a writer, poet, artist & teacher. For her, the creative process is a spiritual one, helping her to heal, explore, and understand herself and her place in the world.

Her writing, creations, and teachings offer insight and awareness into the ways in which we constrict our true nature; the suffering, restlessness, and misery that result when we do this, and the simple, safe, and gentle ways in which we can set ourselves free.

Her work spans a range of topics and methods of expression as she allows Source to guide her, opening as a channel for Energy to express Itself through the prism of her being.

She loves immersing herself in the salt of the sea and in an ocean of words.

You are on a journey of self-rememberance, too

There is a divine self within our human self, and whether we know it or not, we are searching for it. We are desperate for that reconnection. 


It is my hope that you will find what you are looking for, not in what it may look like, but how it feels in the state of your being.

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