Slowing Down to Spend Time With Your Soul

the Space Between is where you discover your deepest desires

When we slow down, we give ourselves space to breathe. To think. To be. And to let new awareness rise up.

Living life on the fast track – rushing from one thing to another, juggling so many ideas and tasks – can be fun and exhilarating at times. It can give us a sense of momentum and progress.

But we must pepper that with downtime, to rest and recover. To be in the space in between. To spend time with our souls. To give ourselves space to discover what the next step even is. To make sure we are living in alignment with our deepest desires and creating the life our souls are meant to have – not just reacting to whatever is thrown at us.

Because, in all the rushing around of daily life, we must be careful to not lose our inner direction. We must be mindful to not become reactive. We must keep our focus on being proactive creators of our lives.

Because reactive living is the antithesis of powerful manifestation.

You came here to be a Creator. To create whatever it is your soul desires – anything you want in life.

And slowing down allows us to become in tune with what that is. To receive messages from our Souls as to what the next step is. And to raise our vibrations to attract what it is that we desire to us.

How do you Slow Down? What do you do in that space? Do you meditate? Journal? Walk in nature? Something else?

And how often do you give yourself that space? Randomly? Quarterly? Weekly? Daily? Never?

Notice if you are proactive or reactive when it comes to spending time with your soul? As in, do you wait for your soul and body to shout at you? Or do you consciously carve out time to hang out with them and listen to what they have to say?

For example, you might consider setting aside 10 minutes a day to start, to check in. To build the relationship. You might make it longer as you discover the benefits. You might create a “personal soul retreat” day every so often to really dive deep and explore more layers of what is really true for you and what would make your life more amazing than it already is.

Is spending time with your Soul regularly something you prioritize? If so, how you deepen this practice? If not – do you want it to be? And what steps can you take to embed this into your life?

When you Slow Down, you can become more aware of your body and its messages. To tune into what your body is saying. Your body is a beautiful barometer of emotion, which is the feedback from your thoughts and reactions to life. Your body is also the carrier of Intuition – whether you see in your inner eye, or hear in your inner ear, or feel, sense, know, and any combo or more. These sensations arise within your body.

Slowing down helps you to tune more into your body’s powerful awareness of your spirit, your life, and whether you are living in alignment or not.

If you are getting a message of misalignment – slow down even more. Get curious. What is going on? What is needed to change course?

If you are getting a message of alignment – again, slow down, tune in. What is working? How does it feel? What are the sensations you experience that help you to know you are on the right track? And how can you continue to nurture that to stay in alignment?

Life is about noticing, becoming aware, of yourself in relation to your surroundings and what you are creating around you – and then either making big changes, or tweaking, until you are steering yourself where your spirit truly wants to go.

This is a dynamic process, ever-changing and flowing. And as you get better and better at noticing what your spirit is desiring, and noticing what your body is telling you, you will feel more empowered, more strong and stable inside yourself, and tap even deeper into your powerful ability to manifest the life you desire.

But first…slow down. Breathe. Notice. Spend time with your soul.

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